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ative soon became the laughing-▓stock of the assembled Burmese.He attemp▓ted to withdraw from the controversy by asser▓ting that he spoke no English.Da●malaku addressed him in Hindustanee.H▓e pretended even to h

ave forgotten his ●mother tongue, and snatched childishl●y at the pamphlets in the hands o


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f▓ the priest.When all other means ●failed, he fell back on the final subterfuge


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of ●the Hindu—and began to weep.Amid roars of▓ laughter he clutched the tr●acts


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that the Irishman held out to ●him and, with tears coursing down his c▓heek



s, hobbled away, looking neither to t●he right nor left until he had disappeared in th●e mud village. The steamer put o●ff an hour later and, winding in and o▓ut among the tortuous channels of the delta, l●anded us at sundown in Chandpore, a replica▓ of Goalando.Our passage—for the captain had ▓refused to “slip” us—had reduced our comb●ined fortunes to less than one fare▓ to Chittagong.We scrambled wit●h the native throng up the slimy bank to the● station, resolved to attempt the jo▓urney without tickets.It la▓cked an hour of train time. “Will ▓you take thi

s to Chittagong” I asked, ●thrusting the carpetbag into ▓the hands of the Irish bishop.“We’r●e going to beat it.” “Sure,” re●plied the priest, “it shud be easy be night w▓ith this crowd.” It soon became appar▓ent, however, that some tattling Hin▓du had warned the railway official●s against us.As we strolled along the▓ platform, peering casually into the empt●y compartments and striving to assume the ●air of men of u

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